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Friday, 7 March 2014

Weekend visit

So why have I been so absent lately? Right after Vilde Amalie left, my mom and my aunt came to visit me here in Lyon and just days after I went with the norwegian girls to the Alps. I simply didn't have the time to blog in between everything. But now I'm back! Came home yesterday and started to go through all my photos this morning. I have plenty of posts waiting for you.

Here you see some photos from when my mom and aunt came to France on a weekend visit. I had so much fun showing them around in what's been my town for one and a half year now. We've been walking around the city, eating croissants and baguettes, visiting the old town, shopping, dining out and strolling in the park. It was no surprise that my mom wanted to help out her little girl while staying here; now I've got new curtains, pillows for my couch, fresh flowers, a cleaned out appartment and a filled fridge. I can live with that, haha. And did I mention she's made the pillows for me herself? Quite impressive right? Thank you mom!

We've had a lot of fun together. I hope to see them both back in Lyon soon!

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