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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Weekend update and a new header

Yesterday Siri and I went shopping. After we'd realized that what we were looking for at Galeries Lafayettes weren't sold in Lyon we got desperate and decided to find something stylish and unuseful at Part Dieu to confort ourselves. Bad idea. Do not, under any circumsances even think of going there a Saturday afternoon. It's horrible. After three hours in there we realized we wouldn't find anything of interest and went home in pouring rain
So last night we decided we deserved a treat. Therefore we ended up drinking wine in our livingroom while listening to music and filling a shoppingbag at Asos full of nice things we don't really need but had to have anyway. Much better than Part Dieu and a very successful Saturday night. 

The best thing is that Asos has a big sale at the moment, so there's still enough money left for a new wintercoat. Hopefully, the packet will be here Tuesday. I'll show you what's inside as soon as it gets here!

And this is what I've been doing today. Updating my playlists, drinking tea and enjoying a day without too much homework (though I still have a bit to do for tomorrow). I've orderd tickets with Siri and Henriette to Jake Buggs concert in Lyon in december (can't wait!!!) and made a new header for the blog. What do you think ?

Now I'll just have to finish a couple of choreographies for a hip hop crew in Bodø, and then I can say I've had a very productive non-productive day. 

So there's still a lot of things to do in the apartment, but we're slowly getting there. Here you have todays view: "The bloggers nest". I still need to decorate, but at least I've gotten all the furnitures I need for my room. I'll post picures of the rest of the apartement as soon as we've had the time to throw out all the boxes with old things who's taking up place in the livingroom.

Enjoy the rest of  your Sunday!

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