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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Field trip

Knit - Zara / Dress - Issue 1.3 / Scarf - Linda Lycke / Boots - Koah / Necklaces - Dyreberg Kern and Bik Bok / Sunglasses - Bijou Brigitte / Rings - Arts&Crafts / Bag - Diesel

Pictures from last weeks field trip with my geology class. We spent a looot of time in the bus, but when we finally got out we got a nice view! (pictures here and here). Well anyway, a good friend from Norway came to visit me yesterday. It's so good to see her again! She'll be staying until my birthday next week, so we've got plenty of time to catch up. Let's ignore the fact that I have one million things to do before my spring vacation.. I'm leaving for Nice next saturday where I'll be staying four days before going to Paris. Can't wait!

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