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Sunday, 13 April 2014


Hi everyone! I hope you've enjoyed your weekend. I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. There is just so much to do in such little time! I decided not to make a "favorite things" post this sunday, as I noticed that I haven't been able to write anything since I posted one last sunday.. So here you have some photos from yesterday when I was out with Henriette enjoying the summer temperatures and checking out caf├ęs. I've been looking forward to wearing this dress for a while now, but as I've been home with the flu I couldn't take the risk of getting sick again by wearing too little clothes outside. And let's face it; this dress is so much more fun when worn without jacket! I've already started to prepare some new posts for you, so I can promise that next week is going to be a better blogging week than this one. 


Dress - Jane Blush / Shoes - 67 / Jacket - Issue 1.3 / Bag - Vimoda / Watch - Michael Kors / Sunglasses - Bijou Brigitte / Earrings - Arts&Crafts 

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