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Monday, 17 August 2015

New school, new country and another language

Since the summer started I've been traveling in France with my family (photos coming up!) and moved out of my apartment in Lyon. After coming back home to Norway I've mostly spent my time seeing friends and working at the tourist information. I don't have too many days off, but when I do I go to our familys summerhouse. It feels so good to finally have the time to read a book I actually want to read! At the moment I'm saving up money for next year. Guess what, I'M MOVING TO ITALY. I've been accepted at IED Milano where I'll take their bachelor program in Product Design. The classes and seminars will be held in english, while I'll have italian classes included in the program. After learning french it shouldn't be too hard to learn italian right ?

Anyways I'm really looking forward to studying something that interests me. I decided I wanted to become a product designer several years back in time and it feels so good to finally take my first step in that direction. I can't even describe how exited I am! I've already found an appartement and I bought my plane ticket several weeks ago. I'll leave in the end of September and the days can't possibly pass by any slower.. I'm really super exited about this and not to mention proud over getting in. Definitly worth all the hard work I've put in to it.

What are you doing this year ? I would love to hear about your plans!

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