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Monday, 24 August 2015

Parken festivalen 2015

Every year the Parken Festival is arranged in Rensåsparken in Bodø. I've actually never been there before because the tickets always get sold out before christmas before even the artists are released and I never get to buying one before they're all gone.. This year I got lucky though and bought a ticket from someone at my moms work. I'm so happy I got to go! I've spent the whole weekend listening to music and having fun with my friends. I was lucky to have both my best friend and my cousin in town for the event.  Couldn't possibly be better! The weather was great (I mean really unbelievable-to-be-Northern-Norway-great) and the music even better. Amongst other we got the chance to see Band of Horses, Röyksopp, Aurora, Emilie Nicolas and Susanne Sundfør on stage. They killed it. I can't imagine a more beautiful place to hold a festival. 

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