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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Last week I went to Toulouse with the norwegian girls at my school and I wanted to a couple of photos from our trip with you. We went to museums, visited the medieval city Carcassonne and got a tour at a university. As we didn't have a full-packed program we found ourselves with a lot of free time which I spent relaxing at the hotel and walking around the city with some of the girls - basically meaning eating, drinking coffee and doing some serious shopping. It was really nice spending a vacation together without running between tourist attractions, this giving us time to get to know the new girls and recharge after an intense trimester. Now I'm back in Lyon with one of my best friends from Norway who flew in to visit me for the week. I have a lot of city to show her and many resturants to explore so the photos of the result of my little shopping spree in Toulouse will have to wait until later!

Second and third photo were taken by Kjersti.

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