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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Last week was crazy. It was all about studying and rehersing before this years last exam and our danceshow. I'm quite satisfied with my exam and the show was crazy. Friday night was a blur of costumes, flashing lights and music - Exactly how it's supposed to be. I had so much fun!
When that's said I was dead afterwards so up until now I've mostly been gathering strength by sleeping, watching Sex and the city and eating out with friends. Today though, I'm back in business. I've spent the morning planning blog posts and now I'm heading out for a shooting. I have a dinner tonight, but I'll try to get a blogpost up this afternoon. If I don't get the time, it will be up later tonight (depending on how long the dinner lasts) or tomorrow morning. Promise! So, I'll see you later? Got to run.

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