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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Weekendtrip to Rouen

This weekend I went to Rouen to attend a conference for the norwegian students in
France. Our train left at 07:00 yesterday morning and we've had a tight schedule from then untill we came back to Lyon this afternoon. It was nice to meet our friends again. As we live in southern France we're not able to meet up with the students from Rouen and Bayeux that often. So, Saturday afternoon was spent at the conference, the evening at a fancy resturant and the night was used for "catching up". I had a good time, but I'm so dead tired I'm seriously considering to go to bed in writing moment (which means at 19:45) even though I don't have classes tomorrow.

Well, anyway, It was my first time visiting Rouen and I think it's a beautiful city. Too bad we didn't have time to see more of it! I was able to take some photos that I wanted to show you. What do you think? I would certainly like to come back again some other time.

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