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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Early summer morning

Sweater - Pimkie / Skirt and rings - H&M / Bag - Zara / Sandals  - Stradivarius

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've had a lot on my mind... I don't believe in only writing in order to have something to post so when I'm absolutely not feeling for it I don't blog. Quality is more important to me than quantity.

Friday last week I was finally on vacation. Sunday morning , or rather night (04.00),  I had to get up to reach my plane for Ajaccio,  Corsica where I've spent my last five days with the norwegian girls. I've had a lot of fun ! And ofcourse a photo diary from the trip will be posted as soon as I'm finished going through all the photos we've taken. I'm also preparing a guide on how to fix every girls (or boys) biggest packing problem; how to fit everything you need in a small sized bag. I hope you'll find some of my tips handy.

Here I'm wearing what I think is the perfect combo for an early summer morning. While wearing a sweatshirt with my skirt it's easy to adapt to the rising temperature. You don't get cold in the morning breeze and when the sun starts to warm properly you can tie it around your waist for a casual but cool look. I love combining graphical and cute. The graphic print on my sweatshirt and the minimalistic bag and shoes make a great contrast to the lace and the light colors.

I've just arrived in Milan where I'll be spending the weekend with a good friend of mine. But more about that later. Now I sereously need to get some sleep ! Night

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