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Sunday, 11 May 2014

My favorite things

1. Traveling. The more I do it the more I love it. The photos above are taken from my instagram account from when I was in Nice, Paris and Chamonix. Next weekend I'm going to Rouen. I hope I'll be able to visit some new places during my summer and autumn holidays.

2. I would describe this hairstyle as perfectly messy. Want to learn how to do it ? Videoguide here
3. I love music, and as I'm constantly listening to something I might as well do it with style. I've seen a lot of cool headsets lately. These are my favorites: BeoPlay H6 Over-Ear Headphones by B&O Play, Friends with Benefits / Taylor Black and Gold and Ella B Rosegold by Frends.

4. Honestly my own bicycle is hidden somewhere in my dads shed back home.. But I'm sure that if I had one like this I would probably have used it a lot more - at least here in France. Classy and practical in a city where you're an idiot if you think about taking your car into the city center.
5. I also recommend you to check out the rest of the "Girls on Bikes" photo serie where Guy Aroch have captured "a mix of models and “real girls” to wear the latest styles as they ride their bikes in the streets of Amsterdam."

Other things I love this week:
Photos: 1. / 2. - 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. - 10. / 11.

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